AOC Attacks Sinema, Threatens to Tank Infrastructure Bill

AOC Attacks Sinema, Threatens to Tank Infrastructure Bill

( – On July 28, the Senate voted to move forward with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It was a major win for the Democratic Party. That same day, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who played a key role in negotiations, said she would not vote for the Left’s $3.5-trillion reconciliation bill. That’s the legislation they want to pass after the smaller bipartisan bill. When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) heard the news, she was furious.

Sinema posted a tweet confirming that she would not be supporting her party’s massive spending bill. AOC responded to her Democratic colleague by sarcastically wishing her luck on getting the bipartisan bill passed in the House after “tanking” the far-Left’s bill. Then she went on to mention the bipartisan bill was negotiated by white members of Congress — as if that makes it less of a bill?

To leave no doubt that AOC was very concerned about the racial makeup of the men and women trying to get a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed, she also tweeted out photos of the group. It’s almost as if she were trying to prove they were super, duper white.

Ironically, Sinema was only asking Democrats to continue to negotiate with her on the $3.5-trillion reconciliation bill because she thinks it’s pricey. She said she supports a lot of proposals within the bill, but needs some changes to it. But instead of hearing her out, AOC attacked her and every other white lawmaker who helped craft the separate bipartisan bill. And, for what reason?

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