Anti-Cop Protest Turns Violent as Joe Biden Ignores It

Anti-Cop Protest Turns Violent as Joe Biden Ignores It

( – When the unrest in Washington, DC took place, the Left was screeching on television for days. Democratic lawmakers literally impeached former President Donald Trump because they blamed him for the incident, even though he repeatedly called for peace. Now Joe Biden is president, far-Left riots are taking place again, and guess how he’s responding.

Crickets. He’s had no response at all to the violence.

The latest round of clashes happened in Tacoma, Washington, when a police officer drove through a violent crowd surrounding his car. The officer was put on leave, and his superiors called for an investigation, but that wasn’t good enough for alleged Antifa rioters who showed up in the city on Sunday night. As is the norm with these “protests,” the activists broke windows in stores and cars. They lit garbage on fire and behaved like the law didn’t apply to them.

Gone are the calls for peace and unity. The president has said absolutely nothing. And strangely, Democrats aren’t trying to impeach him. It’s almost like they don’t actually care about peace at all.

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