Analyst Says 2024 Election Won’t Happen

Analyst Says 2024 Election Won't Happen

( – For many years, the National Enquirer’s best-selling issue contained the predictions for the coming year by Jeane Dixon; so obviously, some people believed she had some clue as to what was coming up. A man by the name of Martin Armstrong has made a name for himself by predicting socioeconomic trends, and his current model leads him to claim there may never be a presidential election in 2024.

Armstrong was interviewed by Greg Hunter of, and he started off with his take on what will happen with the 2022 midterm elections — which were still in the future at that point in time. He believes neither side is going to accept the outcome if they’re not the party in control of either the House or Senate.

It’s how Armstrong thinks that will shape the future that sets him apart. He thinks “over-the-top” corruption will destroy the people’s faith in the American system, going so far as to say that the country “will not exist after 2032.” He says former President Donald Trump won’t be able to run in 2024, because it’s unlikely there will even be an election.

He also points to the Liberals’ efforts to take down Trump and the recent ouster of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro as a part of what he dubs “The Climate Change Wars.”

His fortune-telling abilities were the subject of an October 5, 2009 article in the New Yorker. His self-taught analysis of economic cycles left Armstrong with a theory that would make any numerologist proud based on the irrational number pi (3.141), which has given him a modicum of success.

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