Analyst Claims Parody Video of Biden Could Lead to Assassination

Analyst Claims Parody Video of Biden Could Lead to Assassination

( – On Friday, March 20, President Joe Biden was walking up the steps of Air Force One and he stumbled, falling three times. As soon as it happened, it was clear the internet was going to meme it. So, when Donald Trump Jr. shared a parody video of the incident, most people just laughed — not one political pundit, though.

Don Jr. shared a silly video of his dad hitting a golf ball that smacked into Biden and knocked him over. It was clearly a joke.

Malcolm Nance, a national security expert who appears on MSNBC sometimes, discussed Don Jr’s video on SiriusXM’s “Dean Obeidallah Show.” He claimed the parody video could lead to discussions about whether potential assassins could use the video as a reason to discuss whether the bullets could reach the president. Because, you know, an expert marksman doesn’t know that information already.

Former President Donald Trump was memed all the time. Republicans never made silly claims like “that two-handed water glass meme is going to make assassins think about killing the president with a glass of water!” Why? Because it’s silly. It’s a shock that Nance isn’t in pain all the time from the mental gymnastics he’s performing to reach those conclusions.

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