Amazon Pushes Censorship Agenda, Stops Hosting Parler

Amazon Pushes Censorship Agenda, Stops Hosting Parler

( – President Donald Trump and other prominent Conservatives were suspended and banned from social media platforms in the wake of the unrest in Washington, DC. After that happened, Trump supporters continued their migration to Parler, the only platform that didn’t censor users. When rabid Leftists caught wind of it, they began pushing Amazon to stop hosting the website on its servers, and it looks as though they succeeded.

In the early morning hours on January 11, Parler went dark after Amazon Web Services suspended the social media site. CEO John Matze appeared on Fox News’ “Mornings with Maria,” and promised users the site will be back up eventually, asking them to “hold on and come back” when he solves the server issue. In another interview with the Epoch Times, Matze said he thinks Big Tech acted in bad faith and he’s considering legal action.

On Saturday, January 9, Matze told users the site could be offline for as long as a week.

The attacks on Conservatives by Big Tech over the last week are proof that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has to go. Private companies should not have this much power.

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