Alleged Photos Show Absolutely Horrific Conditions at the US Border

Photos Show Absolutely Horrific Conditions At The US Border

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has been taking a lot of heat lately for restricting press access to the border facilities where immigrants are being held. The level of secrecy has led some people to wonder if they’re hiding something. And, recent photos of the alleged facilities are raising even more concerns.

On Monday, March 22, Axios published an exclusive look into the alleged facilities. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) gave the news organization photos that he said were of the inside of an overflow facility in Donna, Texas. The building reportedly has 8 pods that are supposed to hold a maximum of 260 people, however, one of them allegedly had more than 400 minors in it. The Democratic congressman called the conditions “terrible” for children.

During the Trump administration, Democrats circulated a similar photo and it caused outrage. The photo, however, ended up being from the Obama administration. It seems as if Biden is carrying on the inhumane legacy of his former boss while claiming he’s taking a gentle approach to immigration.

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