Actress Claims Her Murder Threat Targeting Pro-Lifers Was Just a Joke

Actress Claims Her Murder Threat Targeting Pro-Lifers Was Just a Joke

( – Jane Fonda is an award-winning and prolific actor that also happens to be a long-time activist who is no stranger to controversy. Her seemingly anti-American antics during the Vietnam War earned her the moniker “Hanoi Jane” in the early ‘70s. She apologized for her behavior years later, but didn’t stop supporting Left-wing causes and pushing for women’s rights. On March 10, Fonda appeared on “The View” with fellow actor Lily Tomlin to promote their new movie “Moving On” when the subject of abortion came up. Fonda suggested “murder” was a valid option to keep others from eroding women’s rights to control their own bodies.

Later that day, Fonda responded to the uproar about her comment. She told Fox News Digital that she was “obviously” kidding, although the subject matter was “very serious” and “extremely important” to her. She said anyone watching and present at the time could tell from her “body language and tone” that she wasn’t advocating for murder. Fonda said she was simply trying to make a point that women will fight and not backslide to a time where they have fewer rights.

Pro-life advocate Abby Johnson was one of many who were offended by the murder comment. She alleged the actress was calling for people go out and kill “pro-life politicians” who are simply trying to protect fetuses. She then quipped that Fonda believed in equal-opportunity murder both inside and outside the womb.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) said she called the Capitol Police and told them what Fonda said because she believes someone could use the comment as a directive to hurt others.

Fonda defended her stance on the abortion issue, telling Fox News Digital that women are “facing real threats” to their bodies and it’s a problem that needs a solution. She said people are losing faith that anyone will “protect women” and keep their rights intact.

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