Acting LEGEND Dies – End Of An Era!

Acting Legend Gone at the Age of 96

Acting Legend Gone at the Age of 96

( – Actress Angela Lansbury led an incredible life on film, stage, and screen. For more than 80 years, the iconic thespian played unforgettable roles that are sure to live on for generations to come. Those who know her work remember her fondly for her incarnation of a menacing baker, or as a talented singer, or perhaps most of all, for her brilliant role as an author-turned-detective in the iconic late 20th-century show “Murder, She Wrote.” Sadly, Ms. Lansbury passed away recently in the comfort of her home, just shy of her 97th birthday.

On October 11, Lansbury’s family told NBC News their matriarch died peacefully in her sleep at approximately 1:30 in the morning. Born in London in 1925, “Dame Lansbury,” as her family fondly called her in their statement, appeared in more than 70 films spanning eight decades.

Along with her success on the big and small screen came a stage career that many would say rivals any in the acting world. Lansbury won six Tony awards, with the last being for lifetime achievement, landing in a three-way tie for the all-time record. She earned a similar honorary Oscar and earned a spot in the TV Hall of Fame. 

Lansbury’s revolutionary work on “Murder, She Wrote” earned her a dozen Emmy nominations, but she fell short of winning that prize. She also received supporting actress nods from the academy on three occasions, but again came up short.

Angela Lansbury loved her craft above and beyond awards and accolades. Few in her line of work will leave a legacy across so many acting mediums.

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