3 of the Worst Political Moves Biden Has Ever Made

3 of the Worst Political Moves Biden Has Ever Made

(WatchDogReport.org) – President Joe Biden is known as a walking gaffe machine. He often makes a comment or does something that leaves people wondering what he was thinking. Over the course of his 40+ year career, he’s made a lot of bad political moves or made remarks that have offended people.

Here are three of his absolute worse moves:

Plagiarism scandal

In September 1987, Biden ended his first presidential campaign. The decision was made after reporters revealed the candidate had plagiarized phrases from a British Labour Party politician. Then, additional instances of him lifting content from other politicians and passing it off as his own both in his career and during his time at school.

The allegations resurfaced during the 2020 campaign, but he stayed the course and didn’t quit.

Voted for the Iraq War

In the two decades following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a lot of blame has gone around over the flawed intelligence that started the war. Americans were divided on whether the US should have ever been in the Middle Eastern country; in 2008, a Pew Research poll found 54% of adults thought it was a mistake. Politicians who voted to authorize the war have taken a lot of heat over their decision, which includes Biden.

Biden was one of the senators who voted to give Bush permission to invade the country. The war resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and US troops.

Chaos in Afghanistan

Biden ordered all US troops out of Afghanistan by August 30, 2021, without putting a plan in place to get everyone out. The poor decision led to chaos in the war-torn country. Thirteen American service members died while trying to protect those who were trying to flee the country via Kabul’s airport. Months later, US citizens and green card holders are stuck in the nation.

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